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Joe Paterno Takes The Fall

Recently , CNN has reported that Joe Paterno was returning to his household when he fell down the steps and fractured his pelvis. However, because of his battle with lung cancer , Joe Paterno has been hospitalized til recovery. Joe Paterno lost his job as coach of the Nittany Lions last month due to his action of not reporting the sexual assaults of his assistant , Jerry Sandusky. A biography on Joe Paterno found on a  Penn State website says that Joe Paterno was born on December 21, 1926 , in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Brown University and after graduating in 1960 , he joined the Penn State football program , and took over the position on head coach in 1966. However even with all the games won by the efforts of coaching by Joe Paterno , he was still fired for not referring the allegations of the sexual harassment of his assistant Jerry Sandusky. This is all  the information I have for now , thank you for reading , and leave a comment if I happened to leave something out.

Joe Paterno Takes another Fall!


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