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Grand Theft SmartPhone

Grand Theft Auto 3 Release for Smartphones

It has been announced the debut game of Grand Theft Auto 3 is becoming an app for smartphones and tablets next week. It will cost $4.99 for all those who are interested. For controls , instead of pressing the buttons on a playstation controller, you tap or slide your finger on the screen to move or switch weapons. The Grand Theft Auto series has sold more than 114 million copies since their debut Grand Theft Auto game made in 1997. However , if you’re are worried about graphic content, RockStar has made the effort to lower the graphic content, so you can adjust settings to not have blood and other things as well. This is all I have for now , I will try to update this more in the future , thanks for reading , and leave a comment if I left anything out or you wanna add something.



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