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Babies Before Breath

Baby Fetus Before Birth

Recently, a scientist named Annie Murphy Paul wrote a book based on an investigation she carried out about baby fetus. Annie Paul concluded that the baby fetus can learn while in the mother , and the emotions , the chemical exposition , the food eaten , information that runs in the mother while carrying is sometimes given to the fetus. This information can be as “messages” to the fetus leading them to think of critical things like ” will we survive?” , Or “will we have food?” Even before it is born. This is why many doctors suggest pregnant mothers to remain at a moderate stress level, eat fish to get as least chemical exposition as possible , because these factors can affect the brain and body development. Studies have shown that women who are pregnant that go over the moderate stress level limit tend to have lighter weight , more fragile babies  , that have more trouble sleeping at night. This is all the information I have for this post , thanks for reading , and leave a comment if I may have left anything out. 😀


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