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In all states in California, gas prices have doubled their drops. The average price of gas in  Lundberg’s survey was $3.29 which was 9 cents down a survey taken 2 weeks ago. However , the gas prices should have risen to 3.55 per gallon , this was declined when oil industriess were forced to lower gas prices after American motorists demanded lower gas prices because of the economy. Truly Lundberg , surveyor of oil prices , claimed that  it’s very unlikely that the gas prices will continue to drop , but it will depend on what happens with the crude oil companies.Currently , the highest gas average in California is in San Fransisco where the gas there averages around $3.67 per gallon. I will try to continue to update this blog post , thanks for reading , and leave a comment if I left anything out if you want.

Gas Prices Falling!


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