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McDonalds Fight Club

One of McDonald’s fast food workers was recently caught on a phone video coming across two unruly customers and beating them.This worker is Rayon Mcintosh , who was allegedly swinging a metal object against two patrons at a McDonalds at restaurant in Manhattan’s Greenwich village. Rayon was charged with felony assault according to the spokesman of the district attourney of Manhattan , Juan Vollero. The Grand Jury continued the investigation for 11 days reading over the testimonies and evidence and declined Rayon’s felony. At the scene , apparently the cashier questioned the 50 dollar bill given and the women responded by hurling objects and physically hurting the cashier. The video shows one woman reaching over the counter and slapping the cashier in the face. The cashier retreated from the counter, and went into the kitchen are , from there the two ladies jumped the counter and pursued the cashier. However the cashier returned with a metal object and began beating on both women. The women suffered lacerations and fractures and were taken to the hospital immediately.  Authorities have identified these women as Denise Darbeau and Rachael Edwards , who are pending charges against Rayon Mcintosh. Thanks for reading this post , I will try to update this post overtime. 😀

Brawl at Mcdonalds


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