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The assassin of President Ronald Reagan ,  Hinckley, has recently returned to the public and may be released by a government mental hospital(unknown) and is accused by prosecutors that he deserves to give more time. Even though prosecutors are fighting against this decision , lawyers for presidential attacker , Hinckley  say he is harmless and should eventually be released from the government mental hospital.Being on release with supervision (temporary) , prosecutor Sarah Chasson , said that he was meant to see the movie Captain America , and later when he saw the “treatment team” not only did he consistently announce he saw the movie , he also greatly recommended it. Later Chasson quoted a statement written by Hinckley in his journal , “psychiatry is a guessing game and doctors will never know the true John Hinckley.” From this , prosecutors believe Hinckley is being deceptive and purposely wanted to enter mental hospital to deceive the doctors. Hinckley’s  psychiatrist  said that without medication ,  Hinckley was dangerous. Also , after monitering his actions , the prosecutors noticed instead of watching some movies like sometimes he said he would , he would visit bookstores , and contact women , like his dentist. Many people are afraid that he may come back for another assassination , will he? Thank you for reading this post ,  I will try to update as much as possible to this blog ( as well as other ones) and leave a comment if I left anything out.

John Hinckley


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