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Arthur Eugene Morgan the third is being issued a manhunt after murdering his two year old daughter. It was said that on November 22nd, a group of boys noticed Morgan’s daughter half submerged underwater, and was strapped to a seat , the river had run under a over pass , suggesting the daughter was strapped to the seat and was thrown over the bridge into the river. Morgan was supposed to have given his young daughter to his wife on November 21st , however noticing that Morgan hadn’t returned the girl , Ocean County charged of endangering the welfare of a child and intervening with child custody. The body was found 20 hours later after this had been announced. Although this is a “small case as said by FBI Public Affairs Officer Bryan Travers ,  it was also told by him that it was still a case taken seriously as if it were his daughter. The manhunt still continues , however leave a comment if I left anything out.

Arthur Eugene Morgan


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