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Like me , the average gamer probably would just pick a game that seems most appealing to them. However, BattleField 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are both exceptions , and both have alot of fan based engagements. Let me try to set a line between the two. Let us start with BattleField 3 , the campaign of BattleField 3 is around 6-7 hours long , and has both linear and free roam functions within settings. The multyplayer has dedicated servers , game play wise ,  the multyplayer is meant to be played with friends or as a team effort. This is shown by the “job” selection , such as choosing to be a medic , or engineer. This can be good  as a chance to meet other players online and to have fun with your friends , but some players don’t have the liberty to enjoy the game with friends which results in boring , repetitive gameplay. Instead of kill streaks , Dice has chosen to leave vehicles for players to use.This is just a brief overview of the game , now lets compare this to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The campaign of Modern Warfare 3 is around 4 to 5 hours , the gameplay of the campaign itself is mostly linear but does have some intense battle action that can leave a player stuck to their seats. The campaign has the returning characters from MW3 and  does have a few new character but most important, Yuri. To prevent spoilers I won’t go into detail about any new characters. The multyplayer of Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t have dedicated servers but has hosts as replacements. This can leave players with consistent FPS drops , and “lag”. MW3 can be played as a solo type of game , and has the returning of killstreaks but with added rewards. For example the addition of the killstreak reward juggernaut which allows you to have an extended amount of health and armour and provides you with a riot shield for attacking the opponents. These new killstreaks do add extra content and fun but some players still debate about them , for example the debate of returning the nuke from MW2. To solve this Infinity Ward has brought the M.O.A.B.(Mother of All Bombs) to be used to kill everything on the map and provide an advanced U.A.V. but not end the game. Again this is just a brief comparison of the two games.

These two paragraphs are my thought , leave a comment for suggestions as well , thanks for reading!

BattleField 3

Call of Duty MW3

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