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Child Predator Dead?

Ryan Brunn Arrested

A man named Ryan Brunn , who was recently sent to life time of prison , was found dead in his own cell. Ryan Brunn pleaded guilty on himself  for the murder and molestation towards kids , in particular, 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera. Ryan said he was the maintenance man in the apartment complex he murdered Jorelys , and that when he saw Jorelys he kidnapped and killed her in an abandoned apartment. Man this is some sad news , please send your regard to Jorelys father if you know him , his name is Ricardo Galarza. This is all the news I have for the moment, please leave a comment , and thanks for reading!!!


Fight Against SOPA!!!!

A new law , SOPA , is being debated by the Congress to Censor the Internet. This law was meant to stop stealing from copyrighted footage , for example taking a song and uploading it to youtube without permission. But since the content of the law is so broad , the whole internet is being shut down. Famous sites like Wikipedia , Reddit , etc. are shutting down their sites to avoid being controlled by the Congress if SOPA passes. People’s jobs are at risk, and the internet as we speak is going to fade into darkness. Please, anyone reading this , VOTE AGAINST SOPA for the sake of the internet!!

Cruises of Death???

Recently , alot of cruise ships have either gone missing or sank into the ocean. Most known, is the recent crash into the coast of Italy. Reporters and investagators have interpreted that the cruises usually depart from  their usual routes because they hit icebergs , they are crossing the Pacific, so anything can happen. However, what frightens people most , is that many of these cruise ships crashing have been active cruise ships for atleast 6 years. The cruise industry is still running , but with less activity. This is all for now, thanks for reading this blog post , and leave a comment if you want to add anything.

Cash on Italy Cost


I understand that lately I’ve been blogging about my daily life , but I hope I’ll be able to continue the news blogging later. For now however, I am an amateur coder , and I would like to meet other coders as well. I have , so far, made a basic code.htm file that has a hyperlinked image on it , please if there are any other coders out there , please leave me some suggestions or comments on what I should code on next. Here is an image of what my code.htm file looks like. Also , feel free to ask me how to code this basic file , and thanks for reading everyone , I’ve been getting massive views lately , so spread the word!!! 😀


Technology I Use EVERY DAY

The type of technology I use everyday is the internet!!! Now , this is most likely the case for everyone , as seeing how this seems to be the best way of  communication nowadays. But for me, I use it mostly for school. Books are no longer used as much as the internet for research and reports.In addition to school , I use my internet resource as a source of entertainment. Websites like Youtube, Facebook, etc.  are all fascinating sites to surf. The world today is still advancing in technology, and will hopefully continue to strive in the arts of the web. This is just a blog I felt was important to write , because many of us are ungrateful of the easy way of life we have. Thanks for reading this , and please leave any comment that you feel is necessary.

The Internet Cloud

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Warfare and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute spear-headed a project to improve the medical service for foreigners that migrate from other countries. They did this by designating 38 tasks and 7 majors desired for foreigners , for example, adapting to a compensation system that offers drugs to patients to reduce pain for foreign patients. Also for the 7 majors, Korea has started  putting more regulations towards buildings to improve the system of welfare for patients. From this , Korea is still debating on establishing a credit union and providing partial support using government funds. In addition , Korea is planning to expand training programms for foreign doctors and nurses so they can earn better experience. This is it for South Korea from me , thanks for reading ! And feel free to add anything I may have missed.

The Ministry of Health in Korea.


Grand Theft SmartPhone

Grand Theft Auto 3 Release for Smartphones

It has been announced the debut game of Grand Theft Auto 3 is becoming an app for smartphones and tablets next week. It will cost $4.99 for all those who are interested. For controls , instead of pressing the buttons on a playstation controller, you tap or slide your finger on the screen to move or switch weapons. The Grand Theft Auto series has sold more than 114 million copies since their debut Grand Theft Auto game made in 1997. However , if you’re are worried about graphic content, RockStar has made the effort to lower the graphic content, so you can adjust settings to not have blood and other things as well. This is all I have for now , I will try to update this more in the future , thanks for reading , and leave a comment if I left anything out or you wanna add something.


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